Born and raised in San Diego, my photographic journey started in 1980 when a friend offered to show me how to print a black and white negative in my junior high darkroom. I was mesmerized, watching the image slowly appear on paper as I rocked it back and forth.

Within days, I borrowed a 35mm camera from my grandfather. I spent the next 5 years living, sleeping and breathing photography! I took pictures of friends, pets, landscapes – anything that caught my eye. 

My high school teachers realized photography had turned into my passion and allowed me to shoot pictures for the school’s newspaper and yearbook. As a senior, I was given the opportunity to teach a yearbook photography class to my fellow students.

I shot my first wedding at the age of 14. The next year I had my first commercial job for a family friend who owned a clothing line. It was during this time that I also fell in love with music. Along with friends, I photographed every concert that we attended in Southern California.

I truly love collaborating with my clients to take an idea and create images that wow them.

Having decided to pursue a career in professional photography, I enrolled at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. At night, I worked at a custom black and white lab, Specialty Photo, where I became a master black and white printer. After three very inspirational years, I graduated in 1989 with a BA in Advertising/Illustration Photography.

I love helping people feel at ease in front of the camera to be who they really are.

I returned to San Diego to work at a prominent portrait and sports photography company. Starting as a lead photographer, I advanced into crew training and personnel manager over the course of five years. In that time, I learned how to use all of my technical training and problem solving skills to work directly with clients to capture their vision on film.

In 1996, I opened Scott Photo (now Brock Scott Photography). I have had the great fortune to photograph hundreds of weddings and countless number of commercial jobs for both local and national clients. I am proud to say that some of my largest clients have been with me for decades.

I truly love collaborating with my clients to take an idea and create images that wow them. I relish in my role of calming a nervous couple by guiding them through the wedding photography process without stress or concern. I love helping people feel at ease in front of the camera to be who they really are. I embrace the challenge of photographing tricky objects – working with light to make products look their best.

Most of all, I just love picking up my camera, just as I did at age 14, and going out to shoot whatever catches my eye and imagination.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

On a personal note

I am a married father of college aged kids (who remind me all the time that I don’t know everything). I am a songwriter and drummer and have been playing in local bands for over 30 years. I have been a PTA President and coached both little league and youth soccer.

I am a BBQ pitmaster and I am one-half of the award winning “Still Smokin” chili cook off team. I love spending time outdoors hiking, swimming, watching sports and playing golf.

I am also in the process of writing my first book; it is a coffee table book about the friendships that I have made through the bridging of photography and music. The book will showcase some of the very best concert images that I have taken over the last 35 years. I aim to publish in mid-2020.